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Lesley Bartlett amp image

Lesley Anne Bartlett: Projects and Bands

Naked Men

Naked Men began as a 5 piece, all-girl band, and the name Naked Men just made us laugh. We began with playing covers from artists such as Esperanza Spalding, Joni Mitchell, and Kate Bush. We quickly begin writing original material and playing live shows in and around Nagoya and Hamamatsu.

Naked Men Band from Nagoya

Now a 3 piece with Col, Les and Bry, who’ve been playing music together for several years, and sometimes a 4 piece when Nana can join us on the keys, Naked Men continues to write and travel where the wind blows...

Bryony Ollier, Coleen Wickdahl, Lesley Bartlett

Naked Men Videos (Naked Men YouTube Channel):

"Boat Song" - Bryony Ollier (vocals), Gisella Giurfa (Drums), Coleen Wickdahl (acoustic guitar), Eiji Kondo (electric guitar), Lesley Bartlett (bass)

"Ain't No Sunshine" - Bill Withers cover - Nana Omori (piano), Gisella Giurfa (drums), Bryony Ollier (vocals), Coleen Wickdahl (violin), Lesley Bartlett (bass)

"Breathe" - Bryony Ollier (vocals), Coleen Wickdahl (double bass), Lesley Bartlett (guitar)

Xandra Corpora

Xandra is an artist completely true to herself. Her vocals are incredible and her ideas are always inspiring. I’m so grateful to have the chance to be a part of her projects.

Xandra Corpora in Nagoya Japan Xandra Corpora with Lesley Bartlett, bassist

I love the challenge of keeping my bass lines more simple and really trying to complement her vocals, to use my bass to sing with her.

Xandra Corpora Videos:
"Black Typhoon" - Xandra Corpora (vocals, guitar), Tomo Shaga (harmonica, vocals), Adam Demby (drums), Lesley Bartlett (bass)
"Nothing For It" - Xandra Corpora (vocals, guitar), Donald C. Gibson (trombone), Brian Gontowski (trumpet, saxophone), Robert Moore (drums), Lesley Bartlett (bass)

Champagne Soaked Cookies

Adam Demby, Aya Kawakami, Takashi Teruda, Lesley Bartlett

This project was born out of vocalist Aya Kawakami’s idea to have a little stab at Valentine’s Day and the Japanese- made White Day. Cover songs were selected to create "a fun night of eclectic musical styles based on the themes of heartbreak, revenge, and being SO over it." - Aya Kawakami

The Cookies continue and we looking forward to delving into some original material very soon.

Champagne Soaked Cookies Videos - Aya Kawakami (vocals), Takashi Terada (guitar), Adam Demby (drums), Lesley Bartlett (bass):

"Foolish Games" - Jewel cover

"Chain of Fools" - Aretha Franklin cover

About Lesley

Les is a musician working and living in Nagoya, Japan. Originally from Australia, she's played with bands in Japan and Canada, and had the opportunity to tour in England and Scotland.

Bassist in Nagoya Japan

She is a patient, motivational teacher, and her students are of a wide range of age and ability. Private, group, and Skype/Facetime lessons are taught - please contact Lesley for more information about schedules and fees.