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Lesley Bartlett: Jam Sessions

Harmonium Parlour

Harmonium Parlour Open Mic in Nagoya

An open mic / art space event held on the last Sunday of every month at The Plastic Factory in Imaike, Nagoya.

Origianally hosted by John Pickering, Bryony Ollier, Coleen Wickdahl, Lesley Bartlett, and Kazuya Kato of Semi On from 2008, with later help from Robert Beatty, Steve Peck, Dan Buschman, and Esky.

Folks have come and gone, and although a bit quieter than in it's hayday, Harmonium Parlour is still an excellent way to cap off a weekend in a chilled, smoke-free space with nice people. Please pop into Plastic Factory on the last Sunday of every month, where Heinz continues to host this event to this day. It's the longest running Open Mic Event in Nagoya!

¥1,000 to perform or just watch, comes with one drink.

Video from Harmonium Parlour - Open Mic Night in Nagoya. This is taken from our first year anniversary. Bryony used to organize Interactive Art Projects in the exhibition space upstairs. This video shows a collection of the art projects completed by Harmonium Parlour visitors during the first year.

DK Jam Session

DK Jam Session in Hamamatsu

Typically held on the second Saturday of each month in Hamamastu, Aichi, Japan, this incredible session is hosted by the manager/owner of Merry You - the lovely Lalo, and is sponsored by Guarana soft drink.

This jam has one of the friendliest, welcoming vibes I’ve ever experienced! It should be called Nicefest!

Songs are selected a couple of weeks prior to the jam and people can sign up to play on these tunes. More often than not, songs are performed without a single practice! A great way to learn new songs and play with everyone!

To participate in the jam, or to check out the kinds of songs that are played, request to join the group DK Jam Session on Facebook.

Video from DK Jam Session in Hamamatsu

Hamamatsu Jam session DK Jam

Nagoya Taurus Jam Session

Nagoya Taurus has a lot of different jam sessions set up throughout the month. If you're looking for a Nagoya jam session for rock, blues, funk, drums, or a vocals, Taurus is your place!

In particular, look out for Miguel Arroyo, who hosts the T-Funk Session on the second Friday night of every month (though check the calendar on the website to be sure). A true virtuoso and just incredible to watch and hear! If you learn a song from the T-Funk song list, you can get up and jam with some great musicians!

Video from La Funk Session at Slow Blues in Nagoya. This was taken when the session was still held at Slow Blues - the venue has changed to Taurus now, but the jam is the same style.

Shelter Rock Bar Jam Session

This is a venue that popped up right around the time that GC Live closed it's doors. It's located in Shinsakae in Nagoya, quite near to where GC was.

GC Jam veteran, Leo, hosts a jam session at Shelter Bar every Thursday night from 7:00 (music from 8:00).

About Lesley

Les is a musician working and living in Nagoya, Japan. Originally from Australia, she's played with bands in Japan and Canada, and had the opportunity to tour in England and Scotland.

Bassist in Nagoya Japan

She is a patient, motivational teacher, and her students are of a wide range of age and ability. Private, group, and Skype/Facetime lessons are taught - please contact Lesley for more information about schedules and fees.