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Lesley Bartlett - Past Projects


GC Live Jam Session

GC Live Jam Session in Nagoya

Adam Demby, Kurt Samson, Rory Burgin, and I hosted this event every Monday night at GC Live in Shin-Sakae, Nagoya, from 2014 until 2019.

The bar is now, sadly, a thing of the past, but we had some great jams there and met a plethora of talented musicians, formed lasting friendships, and some even created new bands!

All levels, any style, anything goes!

Video from GC Live Jam Session in Nagoya


Unlimited Band

Unlimited Band with Lesley Bartlett
Lalo Matsusaka (guitar, vocal), Diana Fujimoto (vocal) Luis Miguel Cardenas Torres (guitar), Yasuhiro Fukuda (drums), Lesley Bartlett (bass)

I occasionally filled in on bass for these guys, who are also great friends! Some of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet!

Be sure to check out the DK Jam in Hamamatsu!



Cover band - Disco, Funk, Pop, Soul, R&B

We played regular gigs at Imri in Sakae, Nagoya. I met band leader, Andre Burch, at La Funk Session at Slow Blues, Hoshigaoka, Nagoya.

Eklypse Band at Imri, Nagoya

Denice Hewitt (vocals), Andre Burch (piano, vocals), Ali Huggins (vocals, percussion), Adam Demby (drums - not pictured), Lesley Bartlett (bass)

DJ Beekeeni and the Charismatics

Originals - Groovy Fromage

Lesley Bartlett in Winnipeg, Manitoba

While in Winnipeg, I got together with local musician Süss, and she introduced me to Eve, aka DJ Beekeeni. We both became Charasmatics in her band. El Coco! El Coco!



Originals and covers - Disco, Funk, Rock, Country, Folk, Fiddle

Nagoya band Semi-On
Coleen Wickdahl (violin), Bryony Ollier (vocal), Kazuya Kato (drums), John Pickering (guitar), Lesley Bartlett (bass)

Main band from 2007 ~ 2013. A five-piece treat based in Nagoya, we played everything from Rage to Dolly, and our originals went from disco to rock to Eastern European.

Gypsy funk band in Japan


Originals and covers - Alt country, pop, folk

FatBlueMan with John Janzen in Nagoya, Japan

Hiro Hirashiki (lead guitar), Lesley Bartlett (bass), Coleen Wickdahl (violin), Tom Fallon (bass), John Janzen (vocal, acoustic guitar), Hiroko Iwase (violin)

Joined a Winnipegger while living in Japan! Through a chance meeting on MySpace, I joined John Janzen's band, Fatblueman, in 2006. We played John's original songs and cover arrangements.

Nana Omori and Mieko Sakai

Jazz Fusion

Nana Omori, pianist from Toyota, Japan
Nana Omori (piano), Lesley Bartlett (bass), Mieko Sakai (drums)

A fun and challenging happening, I even got a little tennis elbow with this Jazz-fusion duo. Magical.

Lesley Bartlett with Nana Omori and Mieko Sakai

Duck & The Billys


Duck and the Billys, Rockabilly in Nagoya

Harry (vocal, guitar), Sam (drums), Yuu (vocal, guitar), Lesley (bass)

For this session, I studied Rockabilly tunes to fill in for a friends' band after their double bassist had to take a leave of absence.

We played a gig in Toyohashi to a full house of rockabilly lovers. What a great experience!

Early Days

The Wildflowers

Psychedelic, Trance, Jam band

I tripped about Japan with this Psychedlic Japanese Hippy group, playing guitar and bass as a guest on many occasions.

Snoopy / Shaft

Funk, Soul

In the late 1990's, I played guitar for a 9-piece funk band called "Snoopy" (due to copyright issues, the name was later changed to "Shaft"). We played around Sydney for a couple of years. A highlight show was at the Harborside Brasserie near Circular Quay.

About Lesley

Les is a musician working and living in Nagoya, Japan. Originally from Australia, she's played with bands in Japan and Canada, and had the opportunity to tour in England and Scotland.

Bassist in Nagoya Japan

She is a patient, motivational teacher, and her students are of a wide range of age and ability. Private, group, and Skype/Facetime lessons are taught - please contact Lesley for more information about schedules and fees.