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Lesley Bartlett amp image

Lesley Bartlett amp image

Lesley Bartlett: Sessions

Women's Showcase

Held twice a year, this event shines a light on the fantastic women musicians and artists who live around us!

Nagoya Player's "Aesop's Fables"

Steve Peck, Robert Beatty, Coleen Wickdahl, and I developed the musical score for this very popular and well-received theatre event in 2019. This was my first time to write for theatre, and it was an incredible experience! Thank you to Shawn Mahler for his excellent direction.

Darcy Staddon

Along with Darian Gore and Coleen Wickdahl, I collaborated with Darcy on her first EP "When The Demons Are Done", recorded in Nagoya at NEWS90 and engineered by Eugene Pererras.

Kunio Kushida

Kunio Kushida in Nagoya
Adam Demby (drums), Lesley Bartlett (bass), Kunio Kushida (vocals, guitar)

My good friend and drummer, Adam Demby, introduced me to Kunio. An incredible slide player with chops to boot!

I played a small acoustic gig with Adam and Kunio at Memory Lane in Nagoya.

Donald Gibson

Donald Gibson, trombone in Nagoya
Donald Gibson (trombone), Miguel Arroyo (guitar), Adam Demby (drums), Lesley Bartlett (bass)

Donald Gibson is an amazing trombone player and an all round lovely person. We put together a show for a friend of his, Michael Steinman, who was to be visiting Japan for a small tour. Michael Steinman is an equally amazing trombone player and former member of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Unfortunately, Michael had to cancel his trip at the last minute. We played on and enjoyed learning some of his tunes from his CD Current Residence. Please check it out, it’s great!

About Lesley

Les is a musician working and living in Nagoya, Japan. Originally from Australia, she's played with bands in Japan and Canada, and had the opportunity to tour in England and Scotland.

Bassist in Nagoya Japan

She is a patient, motivational teacher, and her students are of a wide range of age and ability. Private, group, and Skype/Facetime lessons are taught - please contact Lesley for more information about schedules and fees.